Athletes vs. Academics

Erin Rogorzenski and Hayden Smith

Ever wonder how long the average student athlete spends doing their homework every night? If your answer is yes, you should listen to what the Hall Girls Soccer team had to say about it. Often students who do not play sports never really think about how long athletes spend doing their work. Having a hard practice close to 2 hours and then coming home to study and complete your work can be very stressful and challenging. 

On average the girls soccer team has practice for about two hours everyday. After practice they come home, shower, and eat something prior to beginning their homework. Most athletes take a longer time to complete homework because of the standard they are held to. Sarah Punt says her homework takes her most of the night. “I normally start as soon as I get home from practice and do my homework until I go to bed in order to complete everything I need to.” This only includes the time completing her homework not including studying for any tests. 

During the season you can see a huge decrease in athletes performances in the classroom. This can cause a lot of issues with the way you then perform on the field. “Personally if I am having trouble with school it gets in the way of how I play, which causes more stress for me.” says Sarah Punt. The school should have resources for athletes to go to in order to get help with their work and complete everything on time. This will help them in ways so that they can keep playing their sport with no punishments, and keep their grades up.

On the girls soccer team you can not get below a C-, and if you do you are placed on academic probation. That stress of possibly being placed on academic probation on top of soccer itself causes a lot of anxiety of the players. “My mental health tends to decrease because I have a lot to balance. Completing my work becomes my second priority which shouldn’t be the case.” says Maddie. “This causes me to become more anxious.” 

As players get farther and farther into the season they are held to a higher standard. Beginning to have more competition during their games because of state tournaments. The stress of wanting to be in the state tournament and needing to focus on school becomes harder and harder to manage. According to Maddie Maxwell her school work becomes a second priority during her season. Not only is that a problem for herself, but it becomes a problem for her teachers. Knowing all of that, there definitely needs to be resources for athletes in order for them to complete their work on time, and keep their grades up.