Looking for something fun to do after school on Fridays? Join Improv Club!!! :)

Amani C. Snellings, Arts and Review Section Editor 

Improv Club Poster
***Important Note: Due to an upcoming High Theatre Production (That you should all go see!), improv club is now in room H101, not the Choir Room!!! 🙂 ***                        (Photo Credit: Summer Neiditz)

I moved to West Hartford from Michigan halfway through fifth grade, so I didn’t know many people when I first started middle school. As a result of that, I joined as many clubs as I possibly could in middle school. 

Improv Club at KP was a memorable experience. I met friends there that I still have four years later, got over some of my stage fright, and learned how to put on a show. Last year as a freshman, I joined the Improv Club here at Hall, hoping for a similar outcome, and I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s why:

  1. Improv Club is a great way to meet new people/make friends.  All kinds of funny scenarios occur in improv, and nothing brings people together like humor.
  2. Improv Club doesn’t require work outside of school, or weekly attendance.  Last year, I had rehearsal almost every day after school, so there were plenty of weeks I had to skip Improv Club, but that’s okay because attendance is never mandatory. We understand that people have a lot going on. If you can make it, great, we’re happy to have you! If not, no worries, we’ll see you again the next time you’re free.
  3. Improv Club helps you think on your feet.  The number one rule of improv is, “Yes, and….” Basically, no matter what the other people in the scene say, you have to go with it and continue the story. Maybe that means you’re scuba diving, then a circus clown proposes to you. Or you’re wandering through a haunted house when you encounter Lin-Manuel Miranda gardening. Whatever the case is, you have to be ready to make a quick choice.
  4. Improv Club is an introvert-friendly space.   Anyone is welcome to come, even if being in a scene isn’t your thing. You can come and hang out, suggest game ideas, or just watch and laugh along.
  5. Improv Club is for everyone (not just theater kids).  Chances are, you’re already familiar with games like  “Who’s the Leader?” “Party Quirks,” and “A Great Wind Blows” from icebreakers at the start of the school year.   If not, after coming to a couple club meetings, you’ll be less awkward during future “get to know you” activities.
  6. Improv Club makes you a better team player.  There’s no such thing as a one-person improv scene. Well technically there is, but not one anyone wants to see…I’m completely joking, but my point is, a scene is only as good as the sum of its parts. To have a great scene, everyone has to work together and play off of each other’s ideas.
  7. Improv Club makes you more decisive.  During a scene, there’s no time to fully think through an idea, or change your mind. You have to come up with a good idea and stick with it. One real-life benefit of that for me has been getting homework and other assignments done faster.
  8. Improv Club is great practice if you plan to try out for The Answer in the future.  The Answer is Hall’s select improv troupe. Every September, three rounds of auditions are held to choose new members who will go on to perform multiple times throughout the year. At Improv Club, we cover many popular games that are used in those auditions and shows, so if you’re a club regular, you’ll be prepared.
  9. Improv Club is a fun way to relax at the end of the school week.  By Friday, everyone is exhausted, so we try to keep Improv Club as low-stress as possible. In between rounds of “Hotspot” and “The Dating Game,” we tell funny stories, bond over homework complaints, and discuss weekend plans.
  10. Improv Club is good for your brain. According to “Psychology Today,” “During improvisation, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex decreased in activity and the medial prefrontal cortex increased.”  To put that in English, improv temporarily turns off the negative and self-critical parts of your brain, increases creativity, and strengthens relationships. For however long you’re on stage (or on a classroom floor, as in the case of Improv Club) your confidence will skyrocket!

Those are only 10 of the reasons you should try Improv Club, but there are so many more. Regardless of why you choose to join, it’s a fun way to get involved at Hall. 

If you’re interested, check out the club information on Hall’s website, join the Google Classroom (Join Code: 727cojj, Link: https://classroom.google.com/c/NTg2NzEyMDcxNTha?cjc=727cojj) or drop by room H101 on Fridays, and bring a friend. I hope to see you there!!! 🙂