An Author Who Gave a Dream

Daina Mizuno, Contributing Writer

The internet broke when Goku and Frieza teamed up and defeated Jiren. To people who are going “WHO are GOKU & FRIEZA?” I assume you had a rough life. Don’t worry you can still be saved.  Go grab your wallets and buy some Dragonball Z comics. I’m trying to persuade you to read Dragonball because the author of the Dragonball series, Akira Toriyama, contributed to making Anime Japan’s culture.

  Before making the Dragonball series he had a series called Dr. Slump which made him a new rising star in the Manga world. The Dr.Slump series got an anime adaption making everyone know his signature visual style. His next series Dragonball was something different. At the time everyone loved it. But, the funny thing is there is no plot to the story. His editor states with a chuckle, “there’s nothing you can learn by reading Dragon ball. It’s not a life lesson, it’s useless in our lives; it’s a funny comic.” what made it appealing was his art style. He was a genius, he caught the reader’s eyes while reading. His skill of framing, flow, and focus was beyond this world. 

His style and character, which most people know as “Goku” made the Dragonball series famous. He states “I wanted him to have the sense of being that rare guy who seeks only “to become stronger than before”, so much so that it feels like “there’s no one as pure as this person”. And while he does end up saving everyone as a result of that, he at least has a very pure sincerity about “wanting to become stronger”. What I wanted to depict the most was the sense that he might not be a good guy at all, although he does do good things as a result.” The personality and concept he gives to the character were different from the typical manga protagonist other manga artists drew. 

Dragonball has become One of the most famous Anime in the world, stealing people’s eyes and time to watch the show. But, Toriyama states, “I’ve always been dissatisfied with the “righteous hero”-type portrayal they gave him. I guess I couldn’t quite get them to grasp the elements of “poison” that slip in and out of sight among the shadows.” He didn’t intend to draw Goku as a hero but people in the world view Goku as their Hero that made their childhood, as it made mine. Not only Goku but Akira Toriyama is a Hero to many of us. Now go buy some Dragonball series manga if you don’t have one and let’s Kamehameha!