Kanye’s Story: From Fame to Shame

Ye or ‘Kanye West’ is a rapper and fashion designer who has made antisemitic remarks in recent weeks, is now banned on social media platforms that include twitter and Instagram. Not only did major corporations like Adidas end the relationship with Kanye, but his actions also affected the Jewish community as well.

In early October, Kanye West went to a public appearance and interview where he spouted antisemitic comments and conspiracy theories, criticizing Black Lives Matter, which ultimately lead to the lowest point of his career. He made a tweet on twitter saying that he will, “death con 3 on Jewish people.” Many leaders and people in the community were not pleased by this and twitter took it upon themselves to lock his account “due to a violation of twitter’s policies.”

Kanye’s words have not only affected society but have specifically impacted students at hall high school as well.   Ammeca Freeman explains speaking on Kanye’s antisemitic remarks, “I think he’s dealing with the situation wrong. He’s losing a lot of money, his status is dropping, and he is losing a lot of fans.” Another student at Hall High School by the name of Robert Lindsey shares similar thoughts; “I feel like it’s messed up on what he’s doing to his fans but then again it’s his opinion and nobody can take away his opinion.” He follows this opinion by saying “I feel like he’s just trying to find himself and just try to stay off social media more and work on his personal self.”

On the other aspect of this situation many people argue that all of Kenye’s actions and ways could be heavily swayed by mental health struggles. Come to find out his bipolar disorder had nothing to do with his anti-sematic comments. While knowing that Kanye West’s bipolar disorder can explain his impulsive comments, and gestures, psychologists say “mental health conditions can cause people to act in seemingly uncharacteristic ways. But mental illness and bigotry are two distinct problems requiring two distinct solutions.”

The photo above shows a scene from 2009 during the MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye West forcibly took the mic out of the hands of Taylor Swift on stage in order to face his opinion by saying “I’m sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.” This led to controversy whether or not his recent actions are based upon this event.

Around 3-4 weeks ago Kanye West debuted a “White Lives Matters” T-shirt at a Paris fashion week show and that was sparking a wave of criticism, later that week Kanye’s social media tirades. “Kanye west making Black models wear Black Lives Matter shirts of his anti-blackness and his immersion in white supremacy ideologies and methods disgusting,”