Photo Essay

Alan Diaz, Photojournalist

Technology itself has developed many major branches throughout our generations in the world. Most of these technologies that are being used today is directing us to a better outlook for our future, representing on how these technologies can result into better use of our time. Though all of us have different perspectives in making use of technology. Some people often use the technology to succumb to themselves into what they like doing the most. For example, playing video games, watching TV/videos, or even listening to music. Its a distraction set for others that would use this time to shadow themselves and enjoy what they like to do quietly. Though if they did something creative with it, this might change the aspect for a better use of technology. People will often use technology to understand concepts of topics, things like bettering the world, learn more about coding, in general, people will use this time to understand what else they can use these technologies for. The only goal would be making technology become beneficial for our future.