Hall’s Student Body Engagement in Extracurricular Activities

Through 2023 at Hall High school, students find themselves overlooking any chance to remain at school longer than the final bell that rings at 2:15. When surveying the halls when the buses clear the bus loop, the areas seem mostly empty, with the exception of several sports teams stretching and warming up, along with actors in the theater wing preparing for the seasonal show soon to debut in the black box. 

But clubs and organizations meeting in classrooms after school have not been doing very well in terms of its outreach. June Savo, member of the Improv club here at Hall, had some words about the encouragement of being involved after school. 

“I would encourage other people to join because it is a great way to meet friends and new people that can make a lifetime relationship sharing similar or the same goal.” Savo says. Savo has been in a few school shows themselves, and is currently assistant directing the school’s spring show, ‘Small Mouth Sounds’. 

While some students are involved, students who are leaving school early have other plans like sleeping to get to. 

““I would rather leave than stay after school until 3 or 4 o’clock. Resting as much as possible is something I prioritize, “says junior Tatiana Ferrence, who was seen leaving with a group of her friends on her way out of the school on Monday, just as the buses were set to depart. 

Students are seen leaving the building during 2:15pm dismissal time 

Some students leave early because there are no interesting activities or groups to their liking. Another student, Zyani James says, “If they had something that I would find more interesting like my preferred future profession I would join it because it is something that won’t waste my time.” 

Hall is not the only school that has the majority of their students leaving after dismissal. Around the country, it is found that participation and engagement in extracurriculars are highly influenced by who is engaged. 

Theatre Teacher Spencer Bazzano Directing Hall’s Theatre Department Rehearsing for the third and final show of the year with ‘Small Mouth Sounds’

Edutopia says, “Personalization can also relate to the pace of learning. the right pace for each student will keep them more engaged as they won’t be frustrated, overwhelmed, or bored.” 

June Savo meeting afterschool with improv club

While Hall’s student body has not been doing much to be engaged within the school, there is still a lot of activity being done after school such as Seasonal sports, and many other community service hour projects. Whenever it may seem like there isn’t much to do, you can always reach out and connect with the peers around you to improve and support the system here at Hall, and even the community of West Hartford.