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High Schools across the country are experimenting with new policies that give students more freedom and flexibibty.One such policy is open campus,which allows students to leave campus during lunch or break.While some schools have strict rules in place,others are taking a more relaxed approach to help students learn responsibility and independence. 

What  an open campus is. Benefits of an open campus – What it can offer students, how it can help them gain independence, supporting local businesses, gaining real life lessons/experiences. 

Elizabeth L Budd wrote, “Campus policies were originally organized into three categories: closed campus (students are not allowed to leave compass at any time during the school day); open campus (students are allowed to leave campus at lunch, and during periods they do not have class); and restricted open campus (some students are permitted to leave at lunch or the school has additional provisions in place to supervise and regulate open lunch periods.”


Open campus allows many benefits for students 

An open campus policy can help students prepare for the real world. It would allow them to learn time management skills and give them the independence they will need. Natalie Regoli said, “It can be used to take a breather from the stresses of the day.” If students at Hall were allowed to leave campus, they would have a variety of food and retail options just 0.9mi down the road, this would allow Hall students to support the local businesses as well.  


Why is Hall not an open campus now?

Car crash during schools hours No students effected

Hall isn’t an open campus because that’s the rules, says Dan Zittoun in charge at Hall High School. The board of education and the hand book states. It’s a safety and supervision piece in why students can’t leave the school campus during school hours. 

What are the possible risks of Hall being an open campus?

When talking with Dan Zittoun at the hall about an open campus , thoughts and feelings. Zittoun was really focused on the safety of his students. “Possible risk of a of a open campus is really satey issues,students leaving campus they are uncontested if they were to get in a car accdient , if they go home you gotta worry about substance abuse using,” Zittion even talked about the ride back to school and how that can play a huge part in things. “Getting back you just worry about the principle of things and if they are out in the parking lot doing things they arent supposed to do there is no supervision for them.

Would Hall be an open campus ?

Hall hasn’t been an open campus as far as Zittion has been here, During covid it was reported students were allowed to leave during free periods to get some air. Back when covid was really bad at Hall and school was just getting back to things Dan Zittioun made a nice solution to keeping everyone safe during covid and it was encouraging you to go home if you dont have to be here in school. “Students not scheduled for a class during a Block 1 do not have to report to school until Block 2 and students who do not have scheduled class for a Block 4 are encouraged to go home. Students in grade 9 and 10 need to submit notification by parents that they give permission to leave campus for the day. Once students arrive on campus, they should remain on campus until it is time for them to go home.” This is what students liked and things went wll ,but school went back to normal and the rules are back and simple. You leave campus and come back without permission you will serve a consequence. 

What students think about an open campus at Hall

William H Hall High School

When interviewing students at Hall High School.A lot of the students had brought up that they would like school to be an open campus for many reasons. Jeremiah caow a Hall high senior says “Hall should be an open campus because a lot of people have free periods”. and he says also “Those periods that are free are very long so we should be able to go get food or go back to our house if we need it” Talking to tatyianna a Hall high senior she says that Hall should be and open campus.When asked about risk she said the following. “There’s a risk but not a really bad one”. I spoke with another senior her name is Addison O’Connell she says “At least what permission slips from parents Juniors and seniors should be allowed to leave campus they would have their parents permission so would it be on the school if anything happened outside of Campus” She also States a lot of things about the benefits of leaving camp “Some days I have fourth and 5th free and sometimes just sitting in the cafeteria for an hour and a half is not fun but if I was able to go home maybe do some laundry wash some dishes do some homework there and come back my day would be more productive beneficial and according.” I didn’t interview all the students but according to the upperclassman at least they think that all should be an opening campus for many reasons just more freedom more opportunities to get more things done that they can’t get done at school but a lot of it has to do with risk-taking consequences punishments but if you have it with a permission there can be lead way as in if you leave something happens if your parents gave you permission it’s not really on the school at that point it’s on you but Hall is not an open campus at the moment and does not plan to be an open campus.Back in 2021 when covid was on the rise and schools had to have different plans High School wasn’t open campus students were actually encouraged to leave schools But as time went went on and we are back to some type of a normal system all is back to a close environment which is trying to achieve the goal to keep every student and adult in the building safe.

Possible ways to regulate open campus

Local starbucks ,Shell and Fast Food

One way to regulate an open campus at school is to have a sign-in and sign-out system for students. This way, the school can keep track of who is leaving and returning to campus. Additionally, the school can set certain hours during the day when students are allowed to leave campus. Another option is to have designated areas where students are allowed to go during their off-campus time. This can help ensure that students are staying in safe areas and not causing any trouble. Finally, it’s important for the school to communicate with parents and students about the rules and expectations for an open campus. By working together, everyone can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.