Goodbye Summer, Hello Hall High School

Hall High School Turf

Hall High School Turf

Claire Bellucci, Executive Editor

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   Andddddddd here we are, back at Hall High School after a short two months of summer. Some are dreading this year, some are excited, and some are impartial but we all must remember to always look at the bright side of things. Now, there are things most students here can agree on like cookies are the best thing in the cafeteria, the spiral staircase has a different smell to it, and the water fountain by the band room by far has the best water. But, one thing that students here don’t agree on is the answer to the question “what is the best part of coming back to school?” I got a few main answers and I decided why not analyze each answer and come to a decision to see what really is the best part about ending summer and starting school.

Main response 1: Seeing friends again

   Close your eyes, now picture the first day of school, you are casually walking down the halls again. Next thing you know you see the person you said: “we HAVE to hang out this summer” to, and didn’t text once. This is a classic situation. Now, is this really the best part? Having partially awkward, 100% forced interactions. But, as I said it is important to look on the bright side, so I mean I do partially agree, it is fun seeing people you haven’t seen for two months and getting back with your school friends reminiscing on the previous year. So, this response gets 3.78 stars.

Main response 2: Getting back into the swing of things/having a schedule again

   I don’t know if it’s just me but my swing preferred schedule is waking up at 10, eating a nice breakfast, watching Netflix, and avoiding my responsibilities. However, everyone has their own preferences. I mean I personally think it’s fun going to classes on the first day and getting to know your teacher, I think when it gets to December, the schedule starts to get a little repetitive but I have to agree that at first, it is pretty fun because it is something new. I give this response 4 stars.

Main response 3: Sports and activities starting again

Now I definitely agree with this response. I personally think one of the best parts of high school is the extracurriculars because you get to be with a group of kids who enjoy the same things as you do. 4.5-star response.

      After analyzing the three main responses I have to come to the conclusion that all of those main responses are correct. I mean there are no fun clubs and activities without seeing everyone, there are no clubs and sports without a routine, and getting back in a schedule wouldn’t be half as fun if you weren’t with your friends you haven’t seen all summer. So on that note, remember that as hard it is to go back to school, it isn’t as bad as you think. Have a great year, and join Hall Highlights!

Hall High School Turf