“Eyes On Our Phones”

Sinead Marie, Writer

In this series of photographs, the underlying theme is the misconception of Generation Z and the usage of phones. Previous generations have claimed that Generation Z is constantly on their phones and are avoiding the world. The first photo is a representation of that through the social media displayed on the phone. Past generations view social media and our connection to it silly since Generation Z spends so much time on them. They also believe that we are obsessed to a point where we can’t go a day without them.  

Personally, I think adults view our generation as nothing without our phones and how reliable we are to our phones on a general basis. The phone itself is so easily accessible to our fingertips that it’s so easy for us to just pick up our phones and look up something. The second photo follows this theme by using eyes as the picture and putting them over our actual eyes to depict this. However, this extends to all generations and not just Generation Z.

Based on a personal experience, I have seen more adults walking and talking on their phones more than I’ve seen the younger generation. I think Generation Z has put more focus on getting off our phones, which is why some people start  a “Phone Cleanse” or “Social Media Cleanse.” In reality, Generation Z does seem to use our phones more often than other generations, but we are still our own person. We are not our phones, and we do not need our phones to be happy and to thrive in this world. The third picture was taken to challenge the misconceptions of our generation in regards to our cell phones by showing a genuine smile without the phone.