How to Survive Junior Year

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How to Survive Junior Year

Lauren Hines, Staff Writer

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Junior year is notorious.  Most students dread it then go on to remember it as the “impossible year.” So, here’s a little help from this year’s seniors for when Hall’s current and future juniors feel a overwhelmed and want a guiding hand to make their junior year THE BEST YET!


“Find things to do that make you happy and take breaks to reduce stress.” – Megan Polun

I completely agree with Megan when she says to find things to do that make you happy. Don’t spend your entire junior year stressing about classwork and starting your college search!  If you incorporate fun and relaxation into your junior year, it will be remembered as one of your favorite years in high school.


“Take the SAT and ACT early.” – Clare Marx

I cannot stress this enough when I say that these two tests are the bridges from high school to college. Try to take the tests as early as you can, that way you not only have more time to get higher scores, but you also get the relief of having them finished!


“Take advantage of volunteer opportunities and community service because it is both a great way to get involved and also looks good for college applications.” – Layan Alnajjar

Volunteering goes a very long way when applying to college and is also very rewarding! Even if you have a busy schedule with sports or music or whatever you may be involved in, a lot of organizations need volunteers whenever you’re available! I would suggest going to your counselor and asking how you can get involved. (It’s a bonus if it relates to your major/career of choice! Colleges love experience!)


“Don’t be afraid to meet with teachers after school.” – Juliette LaRock

“Know that your teachers are there for you if you are confused or stressed!” – Frankie Lynch

Juliette and Frankie are not the first people to say this; in fact, you have probably heard this come straight from your teachers.  And they all mean it! Junior year has some difficult classes, and if you feel that you are struggling or falling behind, ask your teacher to meet with you after school or during a free period. Not only does it help you, but it also shows them that you’re committed to your schoolwork and doing well in their class!


Go to bed at a reasonable time. Sometimes it’s better than getting the extra studying in.” – Anne Tulikangas

Everyone has been in the situation where you are up until the early hours of the morning studying for a test the next day. But, as Anne said, getting sleep will help you do better than trying to cram everything in the night before. I would also suggest going to bed earlier and waking up with a fresh mind to study a bit more. You always want to have a good night’s rest before a test day.


As important as academics are during your junior year, make sure to take time for yourself and your health.” – Claire Bellucci

This is probably one of the most important things to know during your junior year:  Academics are very important, but your health and well-being are even more important. If you take good care of yourself, you will, in turn, take good care of your grades! It is perfectly okay to take a mental health day if you are feeling very overwhelmed and need time alone. If anything, take an hour each day to do something that will calm your nerves. This will help you to focus on your school work while also giving your brain some down time!


I hope these tips and tricks have given you some confidence to breeze through your junior year! Remember, there will always be tough days that seem to drag on forever, but soon enough, you’ll be proudly wearing your Class of 2020 senior shirt.

Good luck and I hope that each and every one of you rock your junior year!