Why is Fall the Best/Worst Season?

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Why is Fall the Best/Worst Season?

Ashley Ho, Staff Writer

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I’ve got to say, fall is definitely my favorite season. There are so many things about fall that I just love, like the weather. Yeah, definitely the weather. It’s not too cold or too warm out; it’s the perfect temperature to just go outside and have fun playing one of our fall sports, or just taking a walk.

There are so many things to do when it’s a nice day outside. For example, Lyman Orchards has apple picking, a pumpkin patch, hayrides, and, my favorite, the corn maze.  Also, you could go to Six Flags for their Fright Fest.

Fall is also great because it officially marks pumpkin spice season.  Another thing that gets me excited for fall is getting to dress up, and I don’t mean for Halloween, although there’s that, too. What I love is getting into the fall spirit and dressing up all cozy. It’s time to ditch the shorts and t-shirts, and immerse yourself into the sweats and sweater life.

Personally, I love putting on a nice pair of leggings or jeans and a cute sweater with a pair of boots and that would be my outfit of the day or my “OOTD.” I would either wear that, or go for the alternative, which would be throwing on an oversized sweatshirt, a pair of sweats, and my moccasins before I call it a day. My absolute favorite is when I get to wear my boots. I’m sure that, when fall hits, fuzzy boots, moccasins and Bean Boots will flood the school.

Speaking of dressing up, it’s that time of the year again, Halloween! Who says you’re too old to be trick-or-treating? I know I’ll be out because, hey, why not?  Free candy, am I right? And then there’s our favorite Halloween movies: Halloween Town 1-4, Twitches, Scream, and my personal favorite, Hocus Pocus. My favorite part is definitely when the witches lose their brooms, and one of them had to use a vacuum. It’s funnier if you watch the movie.

Besides Halloween, we have our other holidays coming up within the next month or so. Fall just hypes everyone up for the incoming holidays. As for hype, who’s ready for the Pep Rally??? Oh, and how could I forget about our fall sports?! We’ve got football, volleyball, field hockey, cross country, and soccer, but I’ll save those for our sports writer.

Another thing about fall that is a plus, is the fact that there are no bugs.  Is it just me, or am I the only one who can’t stand summer bug bites because they itch so bad? And allergies are the worst during spring, but during the colder seasons, fall and winter, the bonus is there are not many allergies.

Enough about why fall is the best season, let’s talk about why it’s the worst. Yeah the weather is nice and chilly, not too hot or too cold, though we do get some pretty drastic weather changes. One day it’s like 85 degrees outside, while, the next day, it feels like it’s 50 degrees. We also never know what to wear because the weather drives everyone insane. Like do I wear leggings or should I wear shorts. Should I wear a t-shirt or should I wear a sweatshirt? I never know what to wear, and it takes about 20 minutes to decide because the morning feels like 30 degrees, but, by the afternoon, it feels like 70 degrees. This swing also causes illnesses to spread, and, unfortunately, that worsens as the weather gets colder.  

Another thing about fall that I don’t really like is the fact that I have to rake all the leaves that fall (pun intended).  So I’m not surprised why some people ask me, why do you like fall so much? The reality is, I just love the feel of it. It’s windy but not too cold, so I get to sit on my couch with a fuzzy blanket, hot chocolate and comfortable pajamas. There is no better feeling than just being relaxed and at ease with nothing bothering you.  That why I love fall: It’s my favorite.