The CT elections are around the corner

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The CT elections are around the corner

Yoav Raichelson, Staff writer

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The wait is almost over as Election Day is coming up on November 6, 2018. All registered Connecticut residents are eligible to cast their ballots at polls around the state.

Representing the Democrats is a former Greenwich selectman, Ned Lamont. Lamont, 64, already has a history of running for governor of the state, although Dannel Malloy, Connecticut’s current state governor, defeated him in earning the Democratic nomination back in 2010. Lamont is back with plans that he hopes will decrease the middle class’ taxes and alter the business climate in the state.

On the Republican side of the voting ballot is Bob Stefanowski, a Chief Financial Advisor for UBS Investment Bank. The 56-year-old Madison resident has never run for governor, nonetheless, on August 15, 2018, President Donald Trump endorsed Bob Stefanowski’s campaign. The Republican is entering the election with the idea of a five-step plan that he is confident will transform the economy and cut taxes for all residents of Connecticut.

Both Mr. Lamont and Mr. Stefanowski are well experienced and proven businessmen with each having over 30 years of experience in the business industry.

The two candidates had a recent debate in which many were looking for Lamont to criticize Stefanowski’s plan to cut $10 billion from Connecticut’s budget. Lamont has been vocal in his disbelief about any such plan being realistic. Stefanowski, meanwhile, often fired back by mentioning how he believes his opponent’s plan will only raise, and not cut, taxes.

Not only were both sides of the ballot critical of each other’s beliefs and plans, but they also took on their opponent’s knowledge and reliability. For example, Lamont mentioned he feels Stefanowski is arrogant. The 56 year-old, however, hit back with statements like, “You may not know it, because I’m not sure what you know.”

As we inch closer to November 6, the election is heating up. Connecticut is split in what is sure to be an intriguing election.