The Attempt To Trump Science

Luis Coraspe, Writer

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Whoever thought an opinion could Trump facts, didn’t know our president. Donald Trump’s the name and climate change was his game. President Donald J Trump Withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement Act in 2017 because he did not believe in climate change.

A science teacher at hall high school by the name of Ms Wilkinson said “It’s upsetting to me that even though theirs overwhelming evidence that the leader of the united states does not see the devastating impacts of climate change.”

Global warming was such a huge concern, Thus the Paris climate agreement was born.  This agreement was helping to limit,mitigate and stop the amount of fuel emissions temperature increase by 1.5 degrees or more.  Scientist where not shaken by this predicament. The division had the complete opposite effect in some countries. They started buckling up with the task even further trying to solve the very real problem of climate change. Michael Bloomberg the former new york mayor has “pushed cities,states,businesses and universities to commit to reducing their emissions. made sure cities and businesses committed to having less emissions contributing to climate change.”

Other countries are still attempting to tackle climate change, countries like Norway and Germany by the near future will dispose if their diesel cars and look for a more energy efficient non emission using vehicle. These states dialed it up in checking their carbon dioxide emissions and are continuing to follow through with the act even though they don’t have to. The poorer countries are starting to get infuriated at other countries because their not putting in as much work as them. With the foreseen future of climate change the volcanic temperature will leave a burning impact on the world. This is really important the fate of our future is in their hands, we can’t let them do anymore damage to our planet.