Climate Change Isn’t Going Away

Izzy Zytka, Author

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As wildfires burned through the West Coast and hurricanes demanded destruction on the East Coast, our economy was the voiceless victim. The U.S has been pushing the environmental effect of our actions under the rug, and while everyone was eating over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Trump administration released a study contradicting his anti-climate change belief.

Put together by a mix of over 300 qualified scientist and many executives, the second volume of the article stated, “The cost could reach hundreds of billions annually”. Ms. Peiling an AP Econ teacher at Hall High school said, “Short-run will cost us a lot,” however it will cost us even more in the long run.

Over 3.5 billion dollars went to California wildfires alone, which turned over 1.8 million squares miles to ashes. Wildfires will burn up to 6 times more per year by 2050, destroying our natural air purifiers, trees, and spreading carbon monoxide throughout the U.S. Asthma related health problems along with viruses will skyrocket the average health bill.

As the Arctic melts away, carbon dioxide and methane will contribute significantly to rising sea levels. These will swipe away over a trillion dollars in wealth along the shorelines, not including tourism, profits, and other economic boosters.

Rebuilding the American infrastructure using renewable resources sounds impossible but it’s not. Sustainability and economics go hand and hand due to the efficient allocation of resources. The U.S. has the ability to become a top environmental power with the expansion of technology, but by not acting now, the government is putting every single citizen in danger, leaving them with no choice but the pay for it down the road.

While the white house is dealing with creating new bills and laws, they haven’t attempted to listen to the earth, which is screaming for help. As they turn their heads away, our blue planet is turning more and more grey.