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Lucas Diaz, Writer

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Is He a modern day Jekyll and Hyde? Did he further advanced the growth of science or did he stop it?  He Jiankui is the first scientist to create genetically modified babies that are immune to HIV due to CRISPR in China November 2018.


Many people say that editing human embryos is morally wrong and dangerous. Some say that it is a first step to a ‘perfect’ world.

“Two beautiful chinese girls name Lulu and Nana came crying into the world as healthy as any other babies a few weeks ago.” Jiankui says “The babies are now home with their mom Grace and their dad Mark.”

Him and his colleagues did a gene-surgery on embryos made by their parents sperm and eggs to keep the Human Immunodeficiency Virus out of the embryos, because their father was HIV-positive. Scientist Jiankui is currently facing investigation by a local medical ethics board to see if his experiment had broken ethical and chinese laws and regulations.

He is on leave without pay from the university in which he worked.

“I don’t think we should be playing god when it comes to editing the genes of babies before they’re even born.” said The Nurse at Hall High School (Elizabeth Marcelia) “We have more diseases that people are born with that they can’t control nor get rid of and we should focus on that more than HIV.”

What Jiankui did is not wrong nor should he get punished or penalized for doing his job. Using CRISPR to edit embryos can potentially get rid of diseases that can kill children at a young age, people who are in the middle of their life, and even towards the end of others. What the nurse at Hall High School said is true, there are deadlier diseases that we should prioritize, but in order to run we must learn to crawl. We aren’t playing “God” we are just trying to create a better world for our children, our children’s children, and their children.