Brett Kavanaugh and the Accusations

Sinead Marie, Author

Christine Blasey recalled a chilling night 30 years ago where a man pinned her down, ripped off her clothes, and covered her mouth to muffle her cries for help. This man is now a Supreme Court Associate Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

On July 30th of 2018, Dr. Blasey accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. She was the first out of three women to come forward about their stories.  “I think the public’s reaction made this blow up….and when that started to die down, so did the actual scandal.” Senior at Hall High School, Susannah Major said. “However, I think with a case as serious as this one, more time should have been used to clear this up” She finishes in regards to the fact the public did not know about the first accusation until September 2018 when it was revealed to the FBI.  As time went on, and the two other stories emerged, the public’s reaction rallied around a hashtag. #WhyIDidntReport trended on social media networks expressing different stories of victims who experienced assault and why their stories never became public. Almost a year after the #MeToo movement that occurred in October of 2017, the new hashtag continued the story of the first. #WhyIDidntReport went viral along with hundreds of thousand stories being shared along with the difficulty of coming forward.


The ultimate fate of Brett Kavanaugh was decided by the senate. With a close margin, President Donald Trump’s nominee was appointed with 50-48 win.


Although the story has eventually died down, the peak of the case reached the public’s very strong opinion about sexual assault and the overall Women’s Movement. So the question is how did Brett Kavanaugh get appointed despite the accusations? That was ultimately the decision of the Senate, which is predominately male.