2018 Person of The Year- The Guardians

Amy Zazon

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Finally, it’s that time of the year. The time when important people are recognized, or more specifically, when they’re given an honorable title such as Person of The Year and put in a magazine. Some might even feel accomplished after, rightly so, as their name being published is like receiving the honor of forever being an important part of history. Except for this year, not just one person is becoming the face of the 2018 Person of The Year award. As you’ll see when you open your front door and pick up the news, The Time Magazine recognizes a group of journalists in an effort to emphasize the importance of reporters’ work in an increasingly hostile environment.
This publication is the first time since 1927 that the Time Magazine has featured a journalist, and the first time the magazine has dedicated the Person of the Year award to a group of people. In the past, the Time had frequently and proudly published about journalists, recognizing their dedication and willingness to report for the greater good. However, this changed. Precisely because the demand changed. But now, the Time is taking initiative by introducing to us these brave journalists. The group of people, known as the Guardians, consists of four journalists who were gunned down during a mass shooting at Maryland’s state capital in June. However the shooting was not a coincidence, NBC news even sharing, “Authorities said the assailant- who had sued the newspaper and lost after it reported on his guilty plea in a criminal harassment case- targeted the paper in a ‘coordinated attack’.” It’s because of the increase of hostility and violence towards journalists, like the Guardians, the Time has raised awareness to targeted journalists; they believe that journalists should be recognized for their dedication and their courage to consistently and bravely risk lives every day by reporting the unbiased truth.
The indirect message the Time Magazine is sending by giving this title to a group of underappreciated journalists is not only to bring light to a long-standing issue but to also initiate change. In other words, the message won’t end here; journalists won’t feel accomplished after receiving this title because the issue is still at play. Like how a disease won’t disappear magically, under-protected journalists won’t either. Dying journalists won’t either. Not unless we make a change, find a cure, and continue to persist. And thanks to the Time, we’re a little closer to finding that cure.