Bullying: When will it end?

Caroline Alzamora, Author

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Parents work. Parents cook. Parents shop. However, there are some who don’t notice the slight change in their child’s behavior. They don’t realize their child sits at a desk in a classroom filled with classmates who taunt and mock them everyday. This affected nine-year-old, Jamel, who was being bullied in his school continuously for the fact, he was gay.

Students go through the day unfazed by everyone around them. However, students undergo many dilemmas, whether it is at home or at school. According to the New York Times they mentioned, “the suicide rate in the United States has risen 25 percent since 1999.” This statistic is astounding because students from around the world are being bullied, yet there hasn’t been much action taking place.

Additionally, Jamal reported being bullied the previous year and in 2018, so he decided to take his life. Although the article did not mention if the school took action or not. All in all, suicide should not be the only option to stop bullying, even if it is the easiest way out.

Everyone experiences unpleasant feelings and feeling less than somebody else. According to Madeline Alzamora, a sophomore at Hall High School who stated that, “people who bully are jealous.” She commented that people who are bullies believe their victims may be more superior to them, so they belittle them to gain power.

If people don’t step up, if they don’t speak their mind, if they don’t say something, then the bullying will never stop. Kids who have their whole lives ahead of them will continue to take the easiest path. People should become more aware of this serious issue and should pay closer attention to their kids because they could be crying for help without you even knowing.