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Wildfires rip throughout California and leave dark trails of ash and destruction behind as they force residents to abandon their homes in order to save their lives. Mr. Stewart, a citizen of California and survivor of the wildfires, stood outside of an evacuation shelter and said “Paradise is gone…there’s nothing to go back to.” The once so beautiful town that he lived in was ruined, destroyed, and burned down.

Wildfires are large destructive fires that spread quickly over woodland or brush. This series of large wildfires started in 2018 and have been devastating many people. California residents are losing their homes due to these wildfires and nothing is being done to prevent them.  Houses are being burned down taking the belongings of the homeowners with them.

Statistics show that“At least 23 are dead in the so-called Camp Fire, about 100 miles north of Sacramento, and two others have died in fires near Los Angeles. With the discovery of 14 more bodies…the Camp Fire surpassed the death toll in last year’s Tubbs Fire, which killed 22 people and was the third-deadliest fire in the state’s history until now.”

Hall high school’s senior Alex Ambroise spoke about the wildfires occurring in California. “The wildfires are devastating lots of people. They’re killing and hurting people, ripping them away from their families and leaving them with practically nothing. I don’t understand why these wildfires aren’t being prevented. All of the injuries and deaths could have been prevented.” Alex also mentioned Trump and how he was threatening California through twitter by saying that if they don’t find a remedy now there won’t be anymore fed payments.

This event is important because of how many people are being injured, killed, and end up losing their items due to these wildfires. If there is some way to prevent the wildfires or slow them down in some way then it should be done. But the fires are still terrorizing the people who live in California each and every day and it doesn’t seem as if they’ll be slowing down or stopping anytime soon.