If You Can Dodge A Wrench, You Can Dodge A Ball

Nolan Tibball and Matt Keeley

These images represent one of the greatest events held at Hall High School : the annual Dodge-ball Tournament. Each year, friends and foes go against one another to claim the championship. Teams wear all different types of crazy costumes and outfits to add to the amusement of the tournament. This week-long tournament held every year in Hall’s gym is the only time or place that students can play the riveting, exhilarating sport of dodge-ball. The first picture is very intriguing because you get the worm-eye view of all the balls lined up. There is an aesthetic feel to the photo as the balls and the players behind line up nicely and fill the entire frame. The second picture is also very interesting because it an action shot of a dodge-ball player fully exerting his energy into his throw. This mid-game picture really shows the viewer the intensity of the Dodge-ball Tournament and adds lots of emotion. The third picture is one of our favorites because you can see the whole court from a birds-eye view. This view allows you to step back from all the noise and chaos, and just view the frame in its natural beauty with all of the leading lines and popping colors across the screen; these direct your eyes to middle of the court. You can really tell from this view that this game is a “showdown” between two bloodthirsty teams. The tournament models the “March Madness” bracket style that the NCAA uses each March, making it particularly interesting. The thrill of winning is seen throughout the week, with teams and fans running onto the court after each and every game played. The Hall Dodge-ball Tournament is truly a sight to be seen by those who love the nature of sports, pure competition, and Cinderella Story finishes.