Beyond The Horizon

Ava Morin, Author

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  These photos were taken in Burlington, Vermont on Lake Champlain. This was my first time in Burlington, and one of the most memorable experiences I had there was walking on the frozen lake. I attempted to incorporate the setting sun in the background in every picture to convey my theme: there is always something new to explore over the horizon.

  The first picture shows the entire frozen lake, along with a boat stuck in the ice on the right. The sun is also peeking behind the clouds and the boat. Overlooking the frozen lake reflects on how I look towards my future, how it is so far ahead of me, and anything could be waiting for me. The next photo shows two silhouettes of people walking on Lake Champlain. This can lead to their longing for what is on the other side of the wall of snow, which can be seen as the horizon in the same picture. The distant snow barrier represents the obstacles we have to go through to arrive at something amazing and unexpected. Footprints that are displayed in the snow represent all the other people that are taking their different paths through life, and how we are all in search of something different; the paths we take vary from everyone else’s. Connecting all of the images together, the last one actually includes the sun, as the main focus, demonstrating the final step through experiencing life in general. The sun setting over the icy water reflects how I felt during this evening, and it was how much there is to explore out there, and how much I want to see it all.

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Beyond The Horizon