Get Out and Explore CT

Matthew Mendoza, Photojournalist

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In some eyes, the state of Connecticut is the perfect place to live. While others endlessly complain about being “stuck in a boring state.” We’re stuck in a routine of living on Instagram and Snapchat, seeing the cool, vibrant places people are travelling. In comparison, CT may look dull and lacking in excitement. In reality, CT has so much to offer: hustling cities, rolling hills and miles of shorelines. Once you are able to find the motivation to explore what this state really has to offer, your horizons will expand and you’ll notice the symbolism in everyday life.

Start by driving through the hills of Middlefield, perhaps stopping for some raspberries. We need to take a moment and look out to the endless road leading up towards the horizon line. It forces us to look beyond, and think about what’s to come, mimicking the endless beauty we are so fortunate to see.

Then make your way over to Meigs Point at Hammonasset. Be sure to snap a few pics of the rocky inter-tidal zone; use our generations love of technology to enjoy the scenery. One of the things people miss most about travelling around  are all the picturesque views, they can be found minutes away from your home. The birds that so peacefully glide in the sky have the ability to make you feel free and remain in your element.

If you’re looking for some time away from West Hartford, take a drive to New Haven for a total vibe change. Chapel Street right near Yale is a perfect place to do some shopping, grab a bite or take a seat and chat with your friends. Depicted is a group of young adults just simply enjoying each other’s company, outside of the Yale Art Museum.


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Get Out and Explore CT