What We Do At Night

Ariana Edgar, Author

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At night, we are static and immobile; but are we?  We sit and think, or sit and do something. But we aren’t ever asleep?

“What We Do At Night” tells the story of a girl who doesn’t sleep–or doesn’t sleep enough.  In the evening, she watches a show with her sister, at night she lies in bed on her phone before waking up again, realizing she forgot to do her homework. Daytime will come and this endless cycle of sleep deprivation will continue.

A story like this is one we can all identify with. In life, we’ve wired our bodies to always need to be doing something. When we aren’t doing some sort of activity, we feel perpetuated to create something to do. This often happens as a result of forgetting to do an important task. The girl in image three forgot to do her math homework; an important task she should have done during the time she was watching TV or looking at her phone. Nighttime is when most people do the most important work as most of the distractions, such as TVs and smartphones are put away. However, this is a common misconception because these object follows us into the night.

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What We Do At Night