Capturing Meal Moments

Miller Anderson and Blake Morin

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Our photos demonstrate a story that is not easy to identify at first sight, but holds a deeper meaning once understood. In today’s world, phones are always on us. No matter how old you are, chances are you have a phone on you and spend your day checking notifications, replying to texts, and opening a variety of social media apps. Our story shows how in today’s world, people tend to try to capture moments with their phone instead of enjoying the moment. Our photo essay begins with an image focusing on a delicious burger. The burger looks appetizing even in the picture, and is setting the stage for our next pictures. The next photo is a picture of a man taking a photo of his food, and not eating it. Taking a photo of your food and posting about it is becoming a culture, and our photos illustrate how even at places like a fancy restaurant, a phone can still get in the way. He is attempting to capture a moment with his phone, while typically going out to dinner with your family is filled with conversations and enjoying an overall experience. The second photo ultimately shows how one can be locked into their phone in a public area. Our final photo is the same burger, however it is only half eaten. The half eaten burger is there to show that while attempting to capture moments with technology, the overall experience was completely missed. Ultimately, modern society has adapted to having their phone on them. People are making it so pictures are more important than an actual experience.