Brothers From Another Mother

Sam Harrington and Tommy Sullivan

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This photo essay displays our friendship over time. Each photo shows us in a different scenario, though we are always together. We want to show how strong our bond is. It does not matter the season or where we are, we will always be perfectly in sync. You can notice from the first picture of our remarkable symmetry. The contrast of the armband, the shorts, and the shoes show our opposite, yet strikingly similar personalities. As seen in the second photo we both love skiing and both believe “Saturdays are for the Boys.” Our matching “outfits” in the second photo repeat the idea of how similar we truly are. In the third picture, we see the synchronized stroke of the paddle as we glide through the water together. There is also a common theme in each image that we are engaging in some sort of athletic activity. While some people may prefer to be inside playing video games, we prefer to be enjoying what the world has to offer. Our whole story could not be captured within three meager pictures, but this is a glimpse into a few of our adventures together.

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Brothers From Another Mother