Strife of the Animals

Franklin Robinson and Joe Stern

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Our pictures represent nature and the environment around us. Our photos emphasize animals in their natural environments, and the environments themselves. We think that it is important to be able to appreciate the animals that we have now because they may not be here in the future, so we need to immortalize them in the form of photographs in order to be able to show people these animals and provide insight into how they live. Living in West Hartford where we are very isolated from much of the nature around us, but it is important to know that we still are connected. Many of the animals we see live in different habitats and areas around the world, showing how we still find a way to stay involved and aware of the environment we live in. This shows that all over the world, there are animals and environments that are being preserved for everyone to see there true beauty. The first picture represents the path we follow and the footprints of animals we head towards which lead us to the beautiful environment.