Nature’s love

David Rothstein and Stone Reid

Our generation is very controversial when it comes to nature. Previous generations say that we are always stuck in a virtual world, although a lot of us are still able to enjoy nature. We actually take nature for granted, there is a huge debate about children being raised naturally and being nurtured. Gen Z is a leader when it comes to Climate Change and other prominent environmental issues yet other generations try to say that we are not invested in nature and that we don’t appreciate what we have. Nature is a huge part of our lives, we tend to travel often, searching for the perfect spots of serenity that really compel us to want to go back. West Hartford isn’t considered the most beautiful place in Connecticut, we have a lot of roads and often have to travel around the state to “truly see the beauty of the state”, but we have to disagree with that. There is a lot of hidden beauty hidden in West Hartford. The first picture of Stone, for example, shows how children actually enjoy the outdoors. How we are able to capture the light on his face, staring out the window, about to embark on a journey. That is shown as the “stereotype” that children do not go outside and would prefer to stay inside. The second picture on the slide, with the lush green fields and a small stream running through it, was taken at Westmoor Park, less than 20 minutes from our high school. The 3rd picture, although it wasn’t taken in West Hartford, it is still a beautiful picture from a field trip to Hammonasset state park in Madison, Connecticut. This shows that we(children) are willing to go out of our way to explore the nature and beauty around us.