Spontaneous with the Bros

Andrew Skwiot, Photojournalist

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“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  Author Henry James took these words right out of my mouth.  These pictures all show moments that me and my boys experienced over the summer. As the warm months approach, everyone is stoked to create new memories, but a lot of these memories still circulate. The first image was a picture of two of my friends and I sneaking onto a golf course with street clothes at Fisher’s Island New York. This was a cool image because you can see the beach in the background, and the texture change in the grasses add a lot of visual appeal. The second image I went to Lime Rock Park with some of my buddies to see a race. Finally, the third is a picture my friends and I when we went to the zoo on a school trip; we saw this marvelous red panda taking a snooze. Some might not see the correlation of these images, but in my mind I think that is the beauty or summer. Summer is all about experiencing new things and being spontaneous with the bros.