The differences in Kahoot! and Quizlet Live

Matthew Goldfarb, Author

As most of us know, the two most common review games used at Hall are Kahoot! and Quizlet Live. Both games are a lot of fun and really keep students engaged the whole way through with competitive competition. Kahoot! first came out in September, 2013 and has been loved by many ever since. Trying to score up to a thousand points each question makes students stay interested in the game. Quizlet Live, on the other hand, came out in April 2016, and is a team flashcard game. You must use teamwork to get all the terms and definitions matched up to get your team to finish first. 


After interviewing and doing research, the general conclusion has come upon this: while Kahoot! is the more popular game by a long shot, Quizlet Live should not be undermined. After a poll on instagram on which game people like better, Kahoot! won with 80% of the vote, a whole four-fifths. 


Caroline Burkhard, a senior interviewed said “I like that it (Kahoot!) has individual work.” Also, Pat McGann, another senior interviewed, said this about Quizlet Live: “I don’t like moving around the room” and “I don’t like that Quizlet is a group thing.” That is a very common complaint for Quizlet Live. The biggest problem is that it is in groups and someone could  screw the whole team over, as if someone chooses the wrong option, the team goes all the way back to the beginning. Some people prefer to work alone, others with friends, either because the like to work together as friends or they need help with the material. 


While Quizlet Live has partner work, it is not always a bad thing. Senior football star and wrestler, Alex Searls says he is a big fan of both games but said “This may be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer Quizlet Live.” He likes it in a “subconscious way” because he can rely on his teammates. Searls’ teammate, Matt Schwab says he “pays better attention with teammates.” Teamwork is definitely a skill needed for life, and people can help others when they are struggling. Chinese teacher Daisy Laone likes to use Quizlet Live because she likes that Quizlet Live is a very easy thing for students to play. Also, it gives a glimpse of what real life is like: “You don’t always win in life (Laone)” and it is rude to blame and yell at teammates. Basically, people like either review game for their own reasons. 


Caroline Burkhard also said, “I like the music in Kahoot!.” Yes, Kahoot! is iconically known for its unique music. There have been many remixes, covers, and so many different instruments playing that catchy title screen theme. Mary Anne Lane of Georgia Public Broadcasting media also said that “the jeopardy jingle is to teachers as Kahoot music to today’s students.” It comes to show that using a short song for each question can build suspense and can help students realize they are on a time limit and think critically. Quizlet Live does have tunes in there, but Burkhard also said she does not find the music in there memorable. There is only one theme played in every game and only a few title screen variations.  


Another thing preferred in Kahoot! Is the usernames. A person who asked not to use his name in this said, “I like making my own username rather than getting a random animal selected for my team (anonymous).” For many, making up a username is fun (as long as the teacher does not delete it). While both games allow this, for Quizlet Live it does not matter since the teams get a random animal name assigned to them. 


Lastly, it is good to know what these games are for. Advanced Placement Economics and Government teacher Colleen Peling uses both review games, but she likes Kahoot! because “Kahoot can help correct student misunderstandings about course content” while Quizlet Live “is a great way to learn vocabulary.” These two games help students in different ways and are good for specific purposes. Quizlet Live is more so used in World language classes or classes that use lots of vocabulary. Kahoot! is more of a basic knowledge game can would prepare students for tests. It is understandable why these two review games are a very commonly used in school. 


Kahoot! is an interesting game with catchy music which can help students learn and review, but Quizlet Live should not be glanced over. Since it is basically a flashcard game, Quizlet Live can be great for helping students prepare for vocab quizzes, terms used in the lesson, and to get more knowledge.