Holiday Gift Ideas

Shirts for high school students

Shirts for high school students

Leah O'Brien, Section Editor

The holidays are fast approaching, and if there is one thing to show you appreciate someone, it is certainly a gift. I’m sure you were thinking about getting your friend, family member, or significant other some sort of gift card, or perhaps a pair of cool socks; but, if you’re planning to purchase something more unique, and trendy, look no further.

Is your mom’s cooking getting boring? Does your friend’s house never have the right snacks? Can you no longer afford to take your girlfriend or boyfriend out to eat all the time? 

If you responded yes to any of the above questions, you may be in need of purchasing a Crock-Pot. Sturdy, hot, and practical are the top attributes of the new 2019 model Crock-Pot. 

Everybody has to eat, and eating out a lot can be very pricey, and oftentimes unhealthy. Think about it – you could enjoy weekly chili with this spectacular invention. Imagine eating flavorful chicken that isn’t dry! The Crock-Pot truly is a cooking game changer. All of your favorite meals, cooked in just 8-12 hours.

As a teenager, it is hard to find the right clothes to wear every day, especially when it comes to clothes that really show off who you are. While your closet may be filled with clothes, sometimes you just have absolutely nothing to wear. 

For this 2019 holiday season, do not hesitate to ask for a T-Shirt that tells people exactly how you feel. A few examples could be, “Don’t talk to me on Mondays”; “I have so much to do that I’m going to bed”; and “Coffee, school, sleep, repeat.” 

Nothing describes the life of a typical high schooler better than these hip shirts. They are not only fashionable, but they make a statement to which many people will relate. 

Toys are not just meant for little kids; they can be made for teens, too.   I have just the toy for you. While it may not compare to a real-life horse, it certainly is a lot of fun. 

I present to you the Handihorse, a five-finger miniature horse set. For only $10, you can play horsey with your pals at lunch, or during a study hall. Kids may also play with the Handihorse, but as a teenager, you are old enough to understand what a truly magical creation this toy is, hooves and all. 

I bet you have a free period, or maybe even two, with no work to do, and this fun little guy is perfect!  It’s also good for waiting rooms, long car rides, and late-night sleepovers with your friends. 


Chores are the worst! Don’t you hate coming home from a long day of school, tired, ready to take a nap, and then your mom tells you to sweep the floors? 

Sweeping can be very time consuming because you have to get a broom and dustpan, make piles of dirt, then sweep all that dirt into the dustpan. Sweeping has never been labeled as a “fun” activity, but it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. 

I introduce to you, the Kleen-Stride personal debris removal system. With one brisk saunter around the floor, all dirt will be swept up in an instant. There is no better gift you can ask your parents for than this extraordinary mobile broom. They will not only be purchasing a gift for you, but for themselves, too. 

Cost: $20 Overall Rating: 10/10


May everyone have a happy and healthy holiday season, and don’t forget to purchase one of these fantastic gifts for yourself or a loved one. There is guaranteed joy to whomever receives these gifts, and they are sure to bring you closer together.