2019-20 Warriors Basketball Season as Underdogs Begins

Jack Cote, Staff Writer

High school basketball is back. The Hall High School boys basketball team will play PLATT at home, December 20, to open up the 2019-20 season. 

A fresh Warriors squad has been preparing all off-season, motivated to follow up last year’s terrific season. The 2018-19 Warriors team impressed many, winning 11 games, and making the state tournament, before losing to Staples at home. 

This group of seniors was a class that the Hall fanbase will never forget. Six individuals, who had a championship mindset, brought the culture of winning back to the program after a disappointing 3-17 record in 2017. 

Last year’s captains, James Decrisantis and Max Boyd, put up phenomenal numbers and were key to leading the Warriors back to a winning season. But, the 2019-20 Warriors team will have to perform without the memorable senior class of 2019. 

A successful season will not be possible without the team’s junior point guard, Matt Walker, at his best. A transfer from The Masters School, Walker came to Hall last year. “I learned a lot from last year’s seniors and plan on putting that towards this season,” Walker explained. 

Walker, who is this year’s junior captain, went on to say, “I am ready to accept my new role on this team as a captain. I will do everything I can to lead us to win games and fight for a chance at winning a state championship.”

With a new team comes new goals, and as captain and one of the few returning varsity assets from last year’s team, Walker is ready to shock many this winter: “I plan on upsetting a lot of other teams and turning a lot of heads. I have faith in my guys and am fully confident that we will be ready to compete with anyone come this winter.” 

The point guard believes he has the best supporting cast to help him win, and a big part of basketball is chemistry. Chemistry is a key factor for any basketball team at any level but can become a challenge when new faces are brought into the program. 

One new face, sophomore forward, Makyle Ramos, dominated the JV court last season and is ready to prove he is one of the best sophomores in the state. As Ramos gets a change in role for the program this season, his motivation is at an all-time high. 

“I expect to start every game and play 110%, but most importantly, coming out with a dub every game,” Ramos expressed.

Makyle learned a lot about the Hall basketball culture before being a part of the team because he got to watch his brother, Daidrien Ramos, grow through the program. “My brother has been a big influence. Seeing him sit his junior year, and putting in the hard work and effort to then start his senior year, it shows me that anything is possible as long as you are willing to work hard for it,” Makyle said.

Daidrien graduated last year, leaving Hall basketball as a player, but he soon became the head coach of the Warriors summer basketball team. The leadership out of the graduate significantly helped the future of the program, teaching them the keys to becoming a successful high school basketball team. 

As the season gets ready to lift off with the highly anticipated home game against PLATT, followed by an away game at Southington, the Warriors begin their adventure as the “underdogs.”