Less grading, more learning

Take a look at these three lethargic, off task students, all seniors at Hall High School.

The photos above show students off task, not doing as directed, but why? 

It is not because they don’t care about what’s going on, it’s because in that moment, all three of the students have zero immediate satisfaction from a grade increase, so they do not feel as though the work assigned should be done now. Like many students in my generation, we are too focused on getting a good grade, rather than really learning and understanding the material of what is put in front of us. Just like she

ep, we would rather follow the pack of what everyone else is doing, and get a average grade, rather than putting ourselves out into the thick of it. Us students spend countless hours, studying, and doing homework, but for what reason? It’s not to learn the material, it’s to get a good grade, and to get into a good college, just to repeat the same process over and over again, adding to this desire and need for a good grade.

Those who help form our ideas and knowledge; teachers, need to understand that to us students, it is more than a letter grade, it is our way of life, or our rite

of passage. As students and teachers alike, we both need to come to an understanding and agreement that grades aren’t everything, and in many cases, a “good job Timmy” is more meaningful than a A+. I hope these photographs will allow my fellow students and teachers a clearer insight on the meaninglessness of grades, and the importance of a little positive reinforcement for good work from those who we look up to most, teachers.