Time Managment

Students in high school are put under lots of stress. From everything like homework, sports, and after school activities to the temptations of technology: students struggle on how to manage their time. In the photo, “Studious student” Will Gaumer, a sophomore at Hall high school, and two sport athlete, prepares for an Algebra test. He has just come home from pre-season baseball practice and participates in multiple extra curricular clubs and activities. With little time to spare, adolescents like Will are feeling they don’t know how to manage their time. Some students like playing video games, neglecting their homework until late at night as they have not been taught to prioritize. Liam Wilson is a student at Hall High School. He often plays fortnite with his friends, where he stares at a screen for hours at a time, completely losing track of time. Scientists are wondering how this large amount of activities are affecting children’s ability to manage their time properly. With spring sports starting up students are getting ready for the last  season of the year. With inability to manage time students often are unable to get the workload done and participate in school sports and activities without getting the proper sleep they need for the next day.