A Baseball Win With a Camera and a Garbage Can

Brandon Wolmer, Photo Journalist

In 2017, the Houston Astros were caught cheating. They had a camera in center field filming the catcher’s signs and relaying them to the batters. Some people think using a camera is cheating, but others think it isn’t. I’m exploring if using a camera in baseball gives a team an advantage. 

The first photo resembles the cameraman they used to record the signs. The signs were related to someone in the dugout. The batter was told via either a buzzer they were wearing or a trash can being banged like a drum. The pitcher who thinks they have the advantage, actually loses his advantage when the batter knows what is coming. 

The second photo shows a batter hitting a ball off a tee. The tee is used to show that using a camera can be like the batter hitting a ball off the tee if they know what pitch is coming.

The third picture shows a pitcher throwing the ball and hoping that he can get the batter out. The pitchers chances of getting the batter out is decreased when the batter knows what kind of pitch is coming. 

The reason using a camera is unfair is because the batter knows what pitch is coming, so they can prepare their timing and they know when to swing. The other side argues that even though the batter can time the pitch, he doesn’t know where it is going to be thrown. Is it going to be inside, outside, high, low. 

In my opinion, I think using a camera is cheating because it takes the advantage away from the pitcher and the pitcher usually doesn’t know about the batter using a camera to help him. This gives the batter an even greater advantage, ruining the integrity of the game.