Disposable Cameras- What’s the Hype?

Sylvie Weinstock, Photojournalist

My friends and I take pictures of our high school experiences on disposable film cameras.  The photos get developed after a couple days, and the excitement from when they were taken to when they’re seen is the best part. Thinking about seeing the photos in years to come inspires me to capture every moment. 

I with help from my friends, specifically Nicole Selig, takes photos of events that take place throughout the year. This photo of me was taken on a disposable camera of me taking a picture on a disposable camera.  An important part of this process is turning on the flash. Without the flash, the pictures develop quite blurry. With the flash, the photos come out very clear, with focus on whatever is in front of the camera. At the various events that people go to, I am always strapped with a disposable camera. Everyone gets excited when the cameras are brought out at events as everyone wants a photo of them. 

This photo was taken at the annual Hall-Conard varsity football game. Blue reign is piled up in the bleachers, which seem to go on forever. Loyal fans cheer as loud as they can. “Blue wagon” is chanted over and over to amp up the fan section. Blue fills the entire frame. Blue sweatshirts, blue hats, blue hair, blue scarfs, and blue glasses overwhelm the photo with spirit. 

Hall High School hosts a homecoming in the cafeteria where high school students gather to dance and take photos. This year a disposable camera was brought to capture some of the best moments of a high schooler’s life. This specific photo from the night shows Hall High School student, Grace Gillis, and principal Mr. Zittuon, posing in front of a Marilyn Monroe cutout.