The Different Stages of Disorganization

Photo of scattered papers in backpack

Will Fox, Photo Journalist

Messy is and disorganized are words that can be used to describe me, and your everyday high schooler. A messy environment, such as a homework filled couch or a sloppy desk, might not be the most ideal work spaces. Students should find and maintain a work space that helps them focus and get things done quickly. A couch is a poor working environment and often leads to distraction, while a desk is a better environment, and can be easier to work on. No matter where you work, the work space should be kept clean. It’s very easy to work efficiently and find things a lot quicker when organized. After working students often become lazy when deciding to clean up and they rush the process. Putting away your work in a proper manner might be the most crucial step as you’ll need to access that work the next day. Why would you leave your papers in scattered around in a backpack when it doesn’t take much time to put the papers in assigned folders. Organization is key even when you don’t think it’s important.