Madison Arroyo, Photojournalist

An 18 year old girl, Madison Arroyo from West Hartford, Connecticut, is trying to reach out to let people know that stereotypes are for the weak. People should be ashamed for comparing one ethnicity to another. There’s been talk where all Hispanics are called  “the same thing,” but we’re not. We are not the same. It’s disappointing to see those who compare us to other cultures just because we all speak Spanish. Every Hispanic that you know, has their own flag to represent them. This is the Puerto Rican flag that I hold in these pictures. The flag represents my people and I. It shapes and defines me, as a person and as a whole. My flag is something that I can say “I’m proud to be a beautiful Puerto Rican”. 

I know most people won’t understand what it’s like when racism is thrown at us, Hispanics and Blacks. It’s hurtful to know that it’s still happening today and nobody is doing anything about it. Sometimes it’s fearful walking in certain areas or even places where I feel that I’ll get judged, based on the color of my skin, and how I act. A lot of people assume, just by looking at me that I’m white, and even they’ll say it to my face like I won’t get upset. But it upsets me, greatly. When they ask that question, it’s disrespectful in my eyes. Even if you might not see it, it is. 

I’m writing this to shine light on everyone to let them know that some things aren’t right to do. It’s not fair that we get judged upon just being ourselves, like we are with friends and family. That we’re afraid to go somewhere because people will say some horrible things. Whether to our faces or not, we are not the same thing.