Success of Local High School Track Teams Leads to a Growing Community of Runners

Chloe Nordyke, Photo Journalist

Many people may think of West Hartford as just another suburb, but one thing that makes West Hartford stand out is the large sense of community. One way the community is growing closer is through the shared love of running. 

A few years ago, the public high schools started to find success in cross country and track—first the boys team, now the girls. The schools continued building on their success, ultimately capturing more attention to the sport throughout the town. The local running store,

Fleet feet, where you can find running shoes and clothes, and a friendly face for advice, has also been at the core of this running community. Throughout the spring and summer, they hold a weekly running club, providing a fun environment to meet new people, and of course, run. Many individuals can be found out for a run on the roads or in the local reservoirs, offering a friendly wave as they pass one another.