The End of The Era of Discomfort

Monica Wheeler, Section Editor

Tired of sitting in the same stone-hard death chair period after period? Ever suffered through a class where you’re so uncomfy you thought you’d never recover?  In fact, these are truths about what students experience day in and day out while forced to watch teachers relax in the comfort of their cushioned swivel chairs.  

The exception to this, however, is Mr. Crabb’s Latin classroom.  Mr. Crabb’s room offers a variety of different seating arrangements including couches with recliners, and armchairs of all sorts.  There is nothing more calming than coming into my second period Latin class knowing there are armchairs my friends and I will fight over, but nevertheless find comfort in.  After all, don’t we need to feel comfortable to be able to focus on learning?  

I believe all classrooms should offer comfortable chairs because as many can agree, early onset back pain is not desirable.  One may ask, “How would science classrooms have couches or arm chairs?” The answer to that would be up to your own creativity.  

The comfortable chairs could have wheels on them like most of the science stools have already.  If a lab goes wrong because of the chair, for example – if you dropped some supplies because you leaned too far back into the plush comfort, at least your health would be saved in the long run by reducing the risk of musculoskeletal pain.  Clearly, we should focus on what is more important in this situation (a student’s comfort).