TikTok Takeover


Ashley Ho

Here is Anabel Dease ‘22 making a TikTok in the middle of study hall. It seems she is doing the “renegade” dance.

Ashley Ho, Writer

Ever since Musically turned into TikTok, it seems like the app has gained more popularity and downloads. Everyone always said they downloaded the app as a joke, but I think it’s safe to assume that it wasn’t actually a joke. 

Have you seen other students make TikToks in class or anywhere in school? The app has become a pandemic among students filming or watching them. When I say TikTok, I am referring to the app and videos. I am guilty myself of watching them, but that’s not the point. 

The point is, TikTok has taken over (some) of our daily lives, which in a way is good to get our minds off something or simply relax. However, it is also very distracting, so maybe limit yourself. We watch them in school, film them in school, watch them at home, film them everywhere. 

TikTok has become such a trendy app that many users learn how to dance, sing, and put themselves out there. Even in school, some students have a random outbreak of dances from the app that went viral. There’s the “renegade” or “lottery” dance, the “crip walk” and so many other dances that don’t have a name, but when the song is listed, then people know exactly which dance is being talked about.

Who knew that you could become famous for using the app? Take a look at Addison Easterling or Charlie D’amelio. They are two of many famous “TikTokers” from the app that post dance videos or lip-syncing. It’s been said that TikTok is like the new Vine, which is essentially true, but with longer videos. 

The other day, there was a sub in class and instead of doing the rest of the homework, some students decided to relax, which is understandable when it’s the end of the day and you don’t feel like working on anything. One student asked their friend, “do you want to make a TikTok with me?” They ended up filming or scrolling through the app for the rest of the class. 

I asked several of my friends how many hours they spend on TikTok and here are the results: 2 people use it for 1-2 hours, 4 people use it for 3-4 hours, 3 people for 5-6 hours, and 10 people for 7+ hours a week.

The music gets stuck in our heads all the time. Last week, I was thinking of a song in my head all day and I just had to look it up; that same song is now my current favorite song. I had to go through the app and find a video to look for that song, and I’m glad I did, proving that I am just as guilty of using the app. 

Next time you’re around your friends, try and see if you can pick up any references from TikTok that catches your attention. If they do any dances or reference the app, then it’s clear that they use it.