Music in Our Lives

Tessa Hache, Staff Writer

Music. It’s a part of almost everyone’s life. It can mean so much to different people in many different ways. Maybe it helps you focus. Maybe you use it to distract yourself. Maybe you imagine yourself in a movie or TV scene with the song you’re listening to playing in the background. Maybe you just want to feel happy, or sad, or excited, or feel nostalgic about something, and music really helps you do that. 

Music is a part of pretty much every culture. For me, it’s part of everyday life, especially during this quarantine. It’s a confusing time. There’s so much yet so little happening. But, music can whisk you away to another time or place. 

Music moves you. Physically, emotionally, mentally. It can make you smile, it can make you cry, it can make you want to jump around. You could just be playing music to feel something, any emotion. That’s the whole point of music: It’s made for people to enjoy in their own ways. 

Songs are like wildfires. Once they start spreading, they go all over the place. Who knows where they end up when the song will stop spreading, or who will be impacted by the sounds or the lyrics. The song might be short and simple, only impacting a certain few. The song might be a part of a crazy trend that people all over the world hear. Maybe it’s your own music. Just a beat in your head, moving your body, or maybe you’ve given your poetry a sound.

There are no rules in music. Music can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a form of art. A song can mean the world to you, or absolutely nothing at all. One song will hit people in different ways. A person may hear a song and it’s message right when they need it in their life. Lyrics can change people’s lives in great ways. Music is an escape for many people. A way to get out of the real world, escape their bodies, or their rooms. Music can transport you to somewhere you’ve never been or a place you know all too well. A place you’ve always wanted to go. A place you want to return to. 

Oftentimes our favorite song is our favorite because we associate it with a fond memory. A song will typically hold more meaning if it’s connected to something. This is where nostalgia comes in. Songs can remind you of various people, places, things. There are no boundaries to what a song can mean. 

Don’t be afraid to share the music that you love. Sharing can lead to something beautiful beyond just yourself; a meaningful connection or memory can come of it. But, also don’t be afraid to be selfish every once in a while and keep that one song you adore all to yourself. Something beautiful can come of that as well; something entirely your own. 

Letting people take what you love is a misdeed upon yourself. If you love a song, then love it. You shouldn’t care what others may think. I know, that’s easier said than done, but really, once you stop caring life gets so much easier. This is something I’m still learning to do. 

But music isn’t something you should have to hide because you feel embarrassed or awkward. Own it. Own whatever you like. Maybe the person you’re scared to share your music with will love it as much as you do. Maybe they’ll just love that you shared something you cared about with them. Or, as I said, be selfish and hold onto that song, but don’t let that stop you from expressing your love for it. 

If you want to dance to a song, then go ahead, do it. Go dance in your room. Dance in the rain. Who’s going to stop you? Dancing to a song you love is freeing yet grounding, calming yet unhinging. 

Perhaps you don’t want to listen to a jumpy kind of song. That’s fine too. Go lay in bed and just stare at your ceiling. Or lay outside and stare at the sky. Close your eyes closed if you want. It doesn’t matter. If you want to be selfish with your music, be selfish however you want to be. 

Enjoy your music in any way you can think of because it deserves to be enjoyed and you deserve to enjoy it.