Coronavirus’ affect on seniors

Maya Ellavsky and Emily Martin

Amongst the pressing concern of Covid-19 comes immense stress around the globe, specifically for high school seniors. Seniors are not only struggling through college applications but a new and unpredictable school year. College lists are already difficult to create, but now that people are unable to visit them in person, the process is that much more strenuous. Plans that were placed earlier in the year are now being pushed back into the fall season. Big events that seniors and high-schoolers typically experience have been stripped away. Proms were canceled last year, and with the current state of the pandemic, the same is expected for this year as well. Other than the expected cases of “senioritis”, seniors are struggling to find motivation while their days seem to be repeating themselves. Social lives are now even harder to maintain, and many teens feel very disconnected from their friends and peers. The prospect of a “normal” college experience that was once a motivation for many, has become out of reach and unimaginable. Stuck on a small laptop screen all day, students also are forced to experience everything virtually. Visiting colleges in person seems like a distant memory. Most seniors are forced to experience and view colleges online, making it extremely difficult to see if that college is the right fit. Unable to visit the place where they will spend the next four years of their life, seniors struggle to find extra time in their busy schedule to research schools. Canceled SATs, postponed championship games, and more memories that come with being a senior are being snatched away one by one. These photos illustrate the new kind of struggles that seniors are now facing in their final and most important year of high school.