How We Have Coped During a Pandemic

Jack Varney and Sharon Yang

This past March, the world was struck with the Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19) pandemic. With the pandemic came a country-wide lockdown in America, everywhere that wasn’t considered non-essential was ordered to close its doors. Citizens were also told to stay indoors and not meet up with people outside of their immediate household. This made it challenging to safely meet up with friends, and a lot of peoples summer plans were ruined by quarantine. Lots of people online spoke of having “quarantine depression” (a spin on seasonal depression), expressing their feelings of loneliness and sadness for not being able to go and hang out with their friends. This took a toll on many people’s mental health. Even after everything opened back up, people still struggle to find time to spend time with each other physically. Meeting with friends and getting outside to do the things we enjoy is important, especially during times like these where we are forced to face the negativity in the world and many other stressful situations, such as managing online school. But as long as we maintain social distancing procedures, we don’t have to make our mental health suffer for not being able to see out friends. Little things such as going to cafes or getting coffee with a friend or a group can do wonders for someone who is feeling down! With this in mind, we decided to visit Doro Marketplace. Opening about a month ago, Doro Marketplace turned out to be a new place of comfort for us. This was a perfect safe place for us to work on homework together, catch up with each other, enjoy a meal, and explore this new atmosphere. With a few of our friends working here and the cozy environment, this easily became a second home to us. This goes to show that we can still appreciate the little things in life even during these unprecedented times. We can still enjoy the pleasures from our pre-quarantine lives while also being safe!