Halloween is Still On!


Former Hall Highlights Editor in Chief, Kaylee Ho ‘13

Everyone loves a little bit of fall decor.

Ashley Ho

Guess what everyone? Looks like Halloween is still up and running! Although Halloween isn’t cancelled this year, things may run a little differently than usual. There are numerous precautions established so that everyone can have a happy and safe Halloween.

The usual trick-or-treating, parties, and various traditional Halloween festivities are to be avoided, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Engaging in the traditional trick-or-treating and said activities may cause a spread in the virus, which is the last thing people want out of the holiday. However, there are alternatives to making this Halloween better than 2020 so far, as we know that this year has plummeted downhill. It may be a little last minute, but here are some suggestions from the CDC in making this Halloween somewhat normal.

The safest thing to do is celebrate Halloween virtually or with your household members! Yes, it’s not the same as celebrating it with other people in person, but this alternative is the best shot at not spreading the virus. People can virtually host costume contests and carve pumpkins, which are always entertaining. Additionally, people can Netflix Party a scary movie, or complete a variety of other creative activities online. If virtual halloween just isn’t it for you, there are other suggestions that the CDC suggests.

Instead of knocking on everyone’s door, why don’t people pre-package the candy and safely distribute it? This way, multiple people won’t be picking at the same bowl, potentially spreading the virus. If residents can figure out a way to still give candy, then kids will be just as happy as they would be knocking on a door. 

Still want to have a Halloween party? The CDC suggests having an outdoor party where people can still distance themselves while wearing a protective mask to ensure safety of everyone around. People can still have fun and party on! The weather seems to be on the warmer side lately, but let’s knock on wood and hope that the weather cooperates by the time this article is issued.

Let’s not forget that it is still important to wear a mask and carry around hand sanitizer. Halloween costume masks don’t count as protective wear. If possible, please wear a mask that you normally would wear to go out. 

As of now in Connecticut, the maximum number of people allowed in an indoor gathering is 25. So, hold off on the indoor activities, or at least bring it outside so participants can still have fun. That is all the scoop I’ve got to make this Halloween a tad more fun than it would be if the holiday were to be cancelled entirely. Let’s try to keep this as safe as possible, but still enjoy ourselves whether it is giving out candy, having a party, or doing other activities for the fun of it. Thank you Governor Lamont for not cancelling Halloween even though this piece of news surprised me. 

Hopefully, those who celebrate Halloween, have a happy, spooky, scary, and safe day/night. Please wear your mask, sanitize yourself, and enjoy the holiday!