Hybrid is Full on Stress

Jalen Kane, Journalist

Webcam (Jalen Kane)
This year has been emotional for a lot of students and peers. It’s because of the many ups and downs that come with this new hybrid schedule that we most endure to graduate.  One thing that is concerning, though, is will we be ready for next year?  The fear is most students will be behind as this part-time education system is not effective.  Students can not retain the learning or any of the lessons being taught in the classes. Meanwhile, most kids just wish they could go back to the way it was.  They want to see their friends from both sides of the schedule and be able to learn as a group instead of a cohort.

For this year has been a roller coaster that seems to have no end or no light at the end of the tunnel ,but students and peers are still hopeful that we will soon be able to unite. The new schedule that they are implementing seems to also be widely disliked throughout the West Hartford community of students and parents because it changes times that parents have to leave work or times that students will get home. This is why most students are now even more down in the dumps because class are now an hour and 15 minutes which is significantly longer than the old school. This is such a drastic change during drastic times.