Senior Moments

Noah LaPlante, Editor

With the world’s current Secluded state

, an early adult’s mind is racing more than it already was with the seemingly endless possibilities of what will happened just a year from now. The depiction below is the physical representation of that idea. All seniors are now expected to do there work within their laptops. If technowledgy addiction wasn’t already a problem form this generation, now we are being asked to get our work done on the very same device that gives us necessary, and unnecessary, distractions. You can understand our discomfort. Pulling all nighters is Par for the course for these days. Deciphering college board, and Ap credits as well as SATs all in one space, on one screen, leads to a confused state by seniors. We do our best to cope. give ourselves tasks with food and reading, but eventually we are forced to go back in a single chair. Alone. Feeling drowned out by the college mailing list. As the clock ticks away, it becomes conceivable that this time will never end. That the dread of whatever is to come will have no ending, which would be the worst ending. We don’t anymore get friends via passing notes in the classroom, but with texting through google meets. The social aspect of isolation has become nullified by the inability to see a face with our own two eyes. Where was once a teenagers aspirations to be popular, now lie a husk waiting to be filled. It is also difficult to get the balance right between distractions and productivity, As the days blend together, one loses track of an organized train of thought. It’s hard not to get left behind. And when you do, a depressed senior can fell compelled to ignore the shame of missing due dates, which simply makes matters worse.