Let’s Celebrate the Holidays, Home Style!

Ashley Ho, Staff Writer

Whether or not you celebrate the holidays, surround yourself with friends, family, or just someone you want to be around. Kick off the holidays with joy and fun because who knows how this year has affected everyone. Since March, many haven’t felt the same as they did prior to the pandemic, which shows how much the virus has affected the world. Together, we can kick this virus to the curb and try to go back to normal, whatever that means. 

Can’t see and visit your family because of the situation we’re stuck in? Why not try a group zoom/meet! There’s no other feeling of joy than seeing loved ones that you haven’t seen in a while. This past Thanksgiving, many families have done large group calls to talk to relatives and friends. What a wonderful way to reconnect with the people who love and support each other. Zoom even waived their time limit for Thanksgiving, knowing many would utilize the application. If Zoom isn’t an option, Google Meets or Facetime works just fine.

What else would one do during the holiday season at home? Hot chocolate or coffee  always seem like a good answer. Gather around the fire or somewhere warm and watch a movie! A good Christmas movie always lightens the mood in my house. If not a Christmas movie, how about some action? Fast and Furious or anything Marvel are great series to choose from. Romance movies anyone? The Notebook always seems to get people in their feels. How about horror? The Haunting of Bly Manor is an excellent series. There are so many other programs to choose from for a cozy night!

Ever feel like a kid and want to lay around? Make a fort! Forts are so fun and make the room feel even more comfortable, but lazy, but so much fun. Forts are actually a lot more cozy than it seems on the exterior. Hey, why not sip on some hot chocolate and watch a movie/show inside of the fort? That already sounds like so much fun and my inner child is already beaming.

Excited for the holidays and gift giving? Online shopping or window shopping is available. Last minute or not, it’s the thought that counts, right? It doesn’t matter what the gift is, as long as the thought and effort was put into it, then all should be good. If no gift was given, still doesn’t matter as much as having people around to celebrate with. The presents would be a bonus rather than the prize itself.

Another idea could be doing a 1000 piece puzzle with the family. Yes, that may sound dreadful, but it’ll definitely keep one busy. They can take hours long, but it’ll fill in the time needed to just do something and not sit around doing nothing. Here’s a tip when completing a 1000 piece puzzle: don’t do one that has the same color for the majority of it. Otherwise, that will take double the time and will be harder to finish. Been there, done that. Mistakes were made, but as the saying goes, “you learn from your mistakes.”

Ever tried out a paint by number? They are so much fun if you have the patience to go through every little section that needs to be painted by a specific color. They take quite a long while to complete the whole painting. However, it’d be worth it to have a cool painting to hang up. Do it with someone in the house to make the time go by and finish the painting faster!

Yes, this year has been a whirlwind of a rollercoaster. Yes, there is no telling how long this pandemic will carry on. However, if we come together, follow the rules, and simply stay home (besides school of course), then we will beat COVID-19. Stay home during the holidays no matter how hard it may be to want to go out. Wear a mask, stay safe, and be well!