Principal Dan Zittoun Welcomes in Two New Vice Principles in Preparation For The 2021 School Year Ahead Of Us

Jackie Bonee and Wil Brunjes

As we entered the 2021 school year, we were greeted by two new members of the vice principal team here at Hall High.

         With a complex and much different school year ahead of us, principal Dan Zittoun welcomes in two new vice principals to the team. Meet our first addition, Meghan Zingle, former K-12 world language department head supervisor. As much as she loved and valued her previous position, Zingle has high hopes and plans for this year moving forward. Regarding Covid, Zingle is very cautious and aware of the ongoing illness. She says, “I am helping students, teachers, and parents figure out how to teach and learn in an ever changing environment.”, in an interview via email. Her passion and commitment is no lie, she’s using the power of her position to guide others and provide help to those who need it in confusing times like these. Although working with teachers and parents is nothing new to Mrs. Zingle, she admitted, “ I was missing the ability to connect with students on a regular basis.” Mrs. Zingle also plays a huge part in our newly introduced community periods, inspired by her passion for raising awareness on social and emotional well-being and social justice issues. 

When asked about her dream addition to Hall, reasonable or not, Mrs. Zingle responded with, “…I would create a huge space where students and staff could go, safely take off their masks and get a chance to relax and interact(socially distanced of course) with each other. I think this is one of the things that people miss the most.” She is clearly aware of our wishes. I think we can all agree that we all miss these times and are excited to see what she has in store.

Although she is not full time like Mrs. Zingle, Ms. Hickey was welcomed to the team as well. With Mrs. Isaacs out on maternity leave, she needed someone to cover. Ms. Hickey took initiative and went for the spot. However, once Mrs. Isaacs is back by the end of this school year, Ms. Hickey will return to her previous position as an English teacher. Hickey refers to the main goal of her time in the office being to, “provide a positive experience – academically, socially, and emotionally.” She is here to help out as much as possible whether its for Mrs. Isaacs or the community at Hall. When asked about what’s been keeping her motivated in our interview via email, Hickey responded, “I am able to see all of the amazing work that is taking place in the Hall and West Hartford community…I love that every day provides a unique experience.” Ms.Hickey also added that working with students and families she would not normally work with has kept it enjoyable. Similar to Mrs. Zingle, Ms. Hickey said her dream addition to Hall would be a safe and calming space for students, given how stressful the school environment can be for some students. Ms. Hickey is excited to say the least, and a perfect fit, as Dan Zittoun would say.

When speaking to principal Dan Zittoun about his decision on hiring Hickey and Zingle, he seemed confident and trusting in his decision. Zittoun needs a candidate who, “…cares about kids and wants to help students grow academically, socially and emotionally.” As he said in our interview. It is important to have an individual with a great work ethic and attitude. Hickey and Zingle met these needs perfectly. Some key factors to their future success in the office are their, “Abilities to connect with kids…Their personalities would work well with the current administration team.” Zittoun said. Zittoun says he is excited for Hickey and Zingle to bring their passion and energy to the front office. He adds that, “They also bring great ideas and wants for Hall to be a better school and more responsive to all the students of Hall.” Zittoun has positivity for what is ahead. 

Overall, with the addition of Ms. Hickey and Mrs. Zingle as Vice Principals, there is excitement and trust in their current and future contributions to Hall. I, and many other students are excited to see what’s in store for us.

Jackie Bonee