Spring 2021: a Light in the Darkness

Leah Mendelsohn, Photojournalist

Winter in New England (for me at least) is always hard. It’s almost as if once the first snow flake hits the ground, some internal switch is flipped in my brain and it’s powered off for the season, leaving me unmotivated and exhausted. Skiing, hot chocolate, and fuzzy socks help but I know I won’t feel right until it’s warm again and the sun is setting after 6:30. This winter hit harder than many others due to the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic which made spending time indoors unsafe. The cold and gloomy days felt overpowering and infinite, until that first day came along in late February when the temperature finally rose above 50 for the first time in months. I rolled up my shades for the first time in months to let the sunlight stream through my windows, and got to work. The restorative effects of spring will be in full swing this year because finally, a year later, we are beginning to see a shift back towards normal life as we are allowed to return full time to school and people are being vaccinated. More than anything, the Spring of 2021 is a sign of progress and hope.