Living Life During the Unexpected Germ!

Da'Jaun Banks, Photojournalist

Working, shopping, paying, or getting around – COVID-19 affects a very basic level changed numerous things. Physical or social separating is perhaps the best method we need to try not to be presented to this infection and moderate its spread. Although separating yourself from somebody—like companions, family, or your loved local area can be hard. It might likewise cause a change in plans. Youthful grown-ups may likewise battle adjusting to new friendly schedules, to reliably wearing masks openly.

*Within these pictures you may notice we aren’t wearing our mask. It’s simply for picture purposes. MASK WERE WORN!

Obviously, during the global pandemic, times have been hard, affecting many of us mentally and physically. Here we have Raheem Colling (Right) and Tyler Correia (Left) happily taking the time and admiring the positive under the unfortunate circumstances.

After a very chaotic and adventurous day, we all took a pit stop at a local Italian restaurant, just another day of living during the stressful pandemic.

The three participants were told to stand by the sunset to take a simple picture. During the process of this, we noticed the sun began to set, given a beautiful view of what the world hides from us.